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The Leader in Workers' Compensation Insurance Since 1936

Lovell Safety Management Co., LLC

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Producing Real Savings Through Proactive Case Management

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With nearly 90 years of workers’ compensation experience, Lovell Safety Management knows the importance of stability. Delivering consistent discounts and dividends and providing quality service has resulted in high retention rates. Your business is safe with Lovell.


Lovell programs have provided our customers with over $1 billion in upfront discounts and $1.15 billion in dividends. Lovell achieved these savings for our customers through careful underwriting, aggressive claims management, and expert safety services.


Lovell’s teams of underwriters, safety, and claims professionals give you access to the expertise you need to control your workers’ compensation costs. Lovell professionals manage claim outcomes and reduce the potential for future injuries, resulting in premium savings.


Since 1936, Lovell Safety Management has been the leader in workers’ compensation safety group insurance programs. Known for our excellence in service, our staff makes the complex easy for our broker partners and customers.

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What is a Safety Group?

A workers’ compensation insurance safety group is a collection of companies who are in the same trade or industry. These companies have similar work conditions, safety hazards, and job risks. Companies pool members’ annual workers’ compensation premiums and then deduct the cost of claims and administrative charges. Any money left over after accounting for these expenses is available for payment of a dividend. All safety groups also maintain a contingent balance to fund future increases of ongoing claims.  Safety Groups provide for full risk transfer — the maximum amount that group members can pay is their discounted premium.

Lovell’s Safety Groups have recently afforded group members an average dividend of 25–30% annually and an average discount of 20–30% annually.

Lovell Safety Management – Safety Groups

About Lovell Safety Management

For nearly nine decades, Lovell Safety Management Co., LLC has been providing safe, secure, comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance solutions for New York employers. Since 1936, we have led the market in devising innovative ways for employers in a wide range of industries to provide mandated workers’ compensation insurance coverage — while protecting their company’s assets and cash flow. We have earned our reputation as the premier safety group administrator in New York by providing quality service and achieving consistent results.

  • Lovell Safety Management is the largest, oldest and most successful group manager.
  • Since our inception, our group members have received over $1 billion in upfront discounts and over $1.15 billion in year-end dividends.
  • Our staff is the most knowledgeable, experienced group of professionals in the industry.
  • Our wide range of underwriting, claims management, group accounting, and safety services has enabled group members to control workers’ compensation costs and improve their bottom line.
  • While aggressive about investigating questionable claims, Lovell is also committed to securing quick, thorough delivery of medical services for accepted claims — expediting recovery and minimizing lost work time.

As a leader in the workers’ compensation insurance field, we focus on developing comprehensive solutions that deliver financial security and significant cost savings. Our history documents those past achievements, and points toward our continued success — and yours.

What others say about us

Syracuse Builders ExchangeBuilding Industry Employers of New York State
The Syracuse Builders Exchange and Building Industry Employers of New York State have enjoyed a tremendous relationship with Lovell Safety Management over the past 30+ years.

Thank you for being such a huge part of our team and providing this unique workers’ compensation program to construction industry employers. We know our clients are in good hands, when their NYS Workers’ Compensation is with Lovell.

I look forward to working with your team long into the future as we work together to grow Safety Group #469!

Buckmiller Automatic Sprinkler Corp.
Buckmiller Sprinkler Corp. has been working with Lovell Safety for 40-plus years. Lovell’s communication and commitment to their clients goes above and beyond. Their attention to the ever-changing safety regulations keeps Buckmiller in compliance.

As the President of Buckmiller Sprinkler Corp., I highly recommend Lovell Safety and look forward to working with them for many years to come.

On Point HVAC Corp.
On Point HVAC Corp. is privileged to have Lovell and their highly skilled safety professionals on their side. Our safety rep. has been extraordinarily proficient, reliant, and knowledgeable on all safety and health measures.

Lovell is always there to answer questions and give our company the best safety advice. Their stellar ways of communicating and enforcing proactive safety measures go a long way. The Lovell Safety Group has helped our company grow by giving us the tools we need to be proactive in providing a healthy and safe atmosphere for our employees to work.

We are thankful for all of the Lovell team that go above and beyond for our company!

TEI Group
I just want to express my sincere thanks to the Lovell staff for their professionalism and assistance in being part of the TEI Environmental, Health and Safety Team. Although your staff does not sit in our office on a daily basis, when it comes to understanding and direction to comply with NYSIF Workers’ Compensation Claims, Lovell has consistently provided us with outstanding support including claim overview and guidance on difficult W/C claims. Workers’ Compensation insurance as you know can be difficult to understand and the intricacies under the NYSIF and WCB can be trying, but my safety hard hat off to your team for their knowledge and insight in handling those claims until resolution.

The Lovell staff have stood toe-to-toe by our side, and we call them our A-team that cannot be matched. I strongly recommend to those contemplating choosing a company to join their team in managing their Worker’s Compensation Insurance Claims and Safety Program, our affiliation with Lovell Safety Management has been nothing but an enormous success at TEI Group.

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