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Early Intervation / Nurse Case Management Services

Lovell's Early Intervention Program embodies our proactive, progressive approach to workers' compensation claims management. This program provides crucial contact between employer, injured employee, and medical provider within 24 hours of any reported lost time claim. Upon receipt of an employer's First Report of Injury, Form C–2F, Lovell immediately assigns a Nurse Case Manager to the incident.

The Nurse Case Manager maintains close contact with all three parties in order to coordinate and expedite necessary medical care, hasten benefit approvals and implement a return–to–work strategy. Through the intervention and oversight of the Nurse Case Manager and Early Intervention Claims Examiner, employers are sure of accelerated authorization of tests and procedures, resulting in faster recovery time; an accurate evaluation of work and pay status, to determine appropriate levels of benefits; a close examination of treatment plans, which discourages abusive or excessive treatment practices by medical providers; and regular contact with injured employees, reminding them of ongoing observation and scrutiny.

In the meantime, the Early Intervention Program Claims Examiner monitors the case with the insurance carrier to make sure of proper handling during the critical, initial 120–day period. Independent medical examinations and field investigations are scheduled, if deemed advisable. In the event of an employee's apparent malingering, the Lovell staff initiates challenges to excessive treatment by medical providers, requests hearings, and becomes involved in settlement negotiations.

Lovell's Early Intervention Program is a unique, proactive claims management technique that results in minimal administrative delays, effective cost–containment for the employer, more responsive medical service, and faster recuperation time for the injured worker.

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